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For Business

In each of our specialties, the goal is the same: establish where you stand today and help you take steps toward where you want to be in the future. For businesses, our experience in audit, tax and business strategies provides the insights owners and managers need to clarify solutions and dispel uncertainty.

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Audit, Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements

  • In-depth examinations and confirmations of account balances, inventories, transactions.
  • The highest level of assurance to third parties.
  • Remove errors, determine validity, reliability.

Audits create confidence. An audit by Weinzapfel & Co. provides the confidence to move forward, either knowing that all is correct and proper or defining the necessary changes to make it so. We have the insight to deliver highly effective audits, ones that guide owners and managers toward decisions that build value and identify opportunities.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Weinzapfel & Company is experienced in performing employee benefit plan audits. Our staff understands the complexity of this sort of audit. We are prepared with comprehensive audit services, guided by voluntary compliance with the requirements of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center. These requirements include:

  • Designating a partner responsible for employee benefit plan audits
  • Establishing training and quality control programs
  • Performing annual internal inspection procedures
  • Making a peer-review report available to the public

Features of Weinzapfel & Company’s approach to employee benefit plan audits include:

  • Effective communication and coordination with the plan sponsor, trustee and third-party administrator
  • Availability for technical support throughout the year
  • Reports to management addressing improvement opportunities
  • Smooth transition in the first year, including coordination with prior auditors

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Business Strategies

  • Structure and negotiate agreements.
  • Analysis and due diligence.
  • Business valuations, entity selection.
  • Financial projections and forecasts.
  • Expert advice for the right decisions, the right results.

Important decisions can be fully evaluated with the involvement of a trusted consultant. Weinzapfel & Co. has the vision to see a transaction from all angles. Whether acquiring, growing or selling a business or other entity, we can provide rigorous and thorough evaluations. Beyond the opportunity itself, we can look at the conditions surrounding the proposal, their effects now and later, and offer opinions for the optimal results.

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Tax for Business

  • Accounting system setup.
  • Tax planning.
  • Cost containment.
  • Investments and employee benefits, profit sharing.
  • Litigation support and IRS representation.
  • International taxation.

Owning and operating, or managing, a business presents enough challenges these days. Partnering with Weinzapfel & Co. to oversee accounting, tax compliance and reporting frees you to run your business. For management teams, we provide a menu of services for completely handling the tax aspects of your business or for coordinating with in-house groups.

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Payroll Service

  • Reduce administration time.
  • Online systems for straightforward processing.
  • Timely payment and preparation of returns.

Weinzapfel & Co. offers an online payroll service that provides entities of any size with a suite of functions for headache-free payroll. Tax and payment compliance issues can be administered through our payroll portal, as well as reporting and managing the process.

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