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For Individuals and Families

Whatever size your household might be, we are ready to answer your questions and be your guide on the road ahead. For individuals and families, this means using our knowledge of tax, estate and financial consulting for a winning approach to life's opportunities and challenges.

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Tax for Individuals and Families

  • Minimize tax liabilities.
  • Maximize cash flow.
  • Help keep you on track.

Many people tend to think of accounting only when the April 15 tax deadline approaches. Meeting that deadline can become something you do with confidence, knowing everything is well managed. For clients of Weinzapfel & Co., April 15 can be just another day on the calendar.

The reason is that we can show you how to go through the weeks and months in ways that keep financial drama at a minimum. For example, all of our clients can store electronic copies of their tax filings, financial transactions or other household data securely online. No need to rummage through drawers, files or folders for all of the details of the past year's history.

Whether starting out in life or enjoying the start of a new life, you can bring us your lifestyle hopes and dreams. Our role is making your financial life one that's comfortably managed and happily lived.

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  • Ensuring financial security.
  • Transitioning assets smoothly.
  • Anticipating special circumstances.

Transitioning property, securities or business interests from one generation to the next can be accomplished smoothly when a plan is in place. We can help with that plan. We can weigh the alternatives, present choices and help you or you and your spouse develop a transition that satisfies your directions and answers your questions. Beyond that, we can help keep your plan updated because IRS rules and regulations are ever changing.

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Financial Consulting

  • Understanding how money works.
  • Creating value for later or income for now.
  • Setting a start point and a path to follow.

All of us would like to find a money tree, one with an ever-replenishing supply of dollars to meet our expenses. Until that money tree is found, why not work with Weinzapfel & Co.? What we can do is bring your wants and needs into a mix with your tax situation to show you a complete financial picture for you.

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